Saturday, 30 June 2012

Gajbaje or Monsoon Vegetables Curry

This is a side dish made during fast as it does not contain any onion and garlic.
And also is made from the seasonally vegetables found in the coastal regions during monsoon.
Very easy to make and goes well with the "Rulava Idli" or "Semolina Idli"

Friday, 29 June 2012

Thunder Mushrooms in Spicy Gravy (GudGud Alambe Phannaupkari)

"Gud Gud Alambe" as it is called in Konkani, is nothing but wild mushrooms that grow in the hills near the coastal region of Mangalore only during the start of the monsoon when there is lot of thunder and lightning.
Like many other Indian communties, the Konkani community is also famous for hunting all kinds of wild but edible fruits, leaves, barks, stems, flowers and roots and cooking mouth watering delicacies out of them.
The "GudGud Alambe Phannaupkari" is one such dish.
"Gud Gud" means thunder in Konkani, hence this mushroom can be called as "Thunder mushrooms".
They are little different from the regular mushrooms in that they do not have any stem and they are totally round in shape.

There is also another difference, these mushrooms have a outer covering which needs to be removed to actually get the edible soft and white mushroom inside.

Also some peeled mushrooms maybe blackish in color, those need to be discarded before cooking.
The peeling takes some time like 1 kg could take about 30-45 minutes to peel, but the peeled mushrooms take just about 5-7 minutes to cook, but believe me the mushrooms are so tasty, that the long peeling time would be forgotten once you have eaten the curry.
This curry is best served with Poori but can also be eaten as a side-dish with rice and dal.
There are 2 variations, in the spicy gravy category.
One would be to make the Tomato Phannaupkari or All purpose Tomato curry already published in my blog and boil it for 5-7 minutes after adding these white peeled mushrooms.
The other variation is fully Chilly based which is given below.

Serves 3
Ingredients :
GudGud Alambe or Thunder mushrooms - 1 kg - cleaned and peeled.
Onion - 2
Red Chilli powder - 2 tbsp or as per taste or Red Chilly paste 2 tbsp
Oil - 1 tbsp
Tamarind paste - 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Optional :
Coriander leaves for garnishing
Method :
Finely chop the onions and keep aside.
Take a deep frying pan, put it on medium heat, add oil, and when its slightly hot add the chopped onions and fry till golden light brown. 
Then add red chilli powder or paste, fry lightly ( do not allow to burn ), ideal time should be less than 3-5 secs.
Immediately add the tamarind paste, salt and the mushrooms and bring to boil for about 5 mins.
The Alambe Phannaupkari is ready.
Serve it with Poori any kind of bread or rice.
Optionally you could garnish with coriander leaves.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kiddies Meal Combo 9 - Aloo Tikki & Paneer Roll

Tips for lunch box:
1. Make the Potato mix the previous day and keep in fridge.
2. Make Chapati or Roti dough the previous day.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Marwai Sukka (Clams Dry Masala)

Here is a very popular sea-food dish from the coastal region, made from Clams.
This is the Mangalorean style dish called "Marwai Sukka"  or "Clams in Dry Masala".
If you are getting tired of eating oily fish each week to meet recommendations of Omega-3 fatty acids, add clams to your recipe rotation a few times a month. Clams contains more Omega-3 fatty acids compared to other seafood.
Clams are surprisingly high in iron.Some individuals, especially women, have a difficult time getting enough iron each day, resulting in anemia if not treated. If you suffer from low iron, eating clams occasionally will help maintain your iron stores.Clams are also a good source of phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.
Clams qualify as a lean protein and have more than 20 grams of protein and less than two grams of fat in a three-ounce serving. It makes nutritional sense to choose clam chowder over cream of chicken soup!
So try making this easy dish at home.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Alsande Upkari/Palya (Stir fried long Beans - Mangalore Style)

Long beans also known as "Alasando" in Konkani or "Alasande" in Kannada, is a very popular vegetable not just used in Mangalore coastal cuisine, but also used extensively in Malaysian and Chinese cuisine.
Long Bean is considered as an energy food. It is a low calorie vegetable and hence can be consumed by those on weight loss. It has good amounts of Vitamin A as well as fair amounts of Vitamin C. It is rich in anti oxidants, thus plays an important role in fighting cancer and delays aging. 
They offer cardiovascular protection and help lower blood pressure. They have anti inflammatory effects and relieve inflammation in arthritis and asthma.
Here is a very quick and easy side-dish made from Long Beans. This dish is one of the ways of cooking long beans in the Konkani cuisine. 
This dish is very simple and maybe most of you already know how to make it, but this recipe is for those friends who would like to learn how to make the Mangalore style Upkari or Palya.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Five-Spice Battered Prawns (Chinese Style)

An easy to make starter and loved by all who like seafood, Five-Spice battered prawns in one of the most popular chinese starters.
Five-spice powder encompasses all five flavors - sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty.
Five-Spice powder is easily available in all super markets but incase you cannot find it, I have given the steps to make 5-spice powder at the end of the recipe.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Roasted Egg Plant Salad

Research has proved that the fiber found in eggplant is a useful tool for people who are trying to lose weight. Fiber is a relatively “bulky” food, meaning that is takes up a lot of room in the stomach. Therefore, by eating eggplant in a salad or appetizer before a meal, dieters are likely to have a greater feeling of satiety, and generally eat fewer calories.
After knowing is fact about egg plant, I have been thinking of ways to make an eggplant salad, which is not just nutritious but also tasty and appealing to the eye. And finally I created this salad and my family loved it.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Valval - Konkani Style Vegetable Stew

"Valval" is a Konkani Style Vegetable Stew which is very easy to make, yet very tasty.
This dish is a mix of different vegetables simmered in cumin flavored coconut milk.
A favorite with my daughter so I make it quite often.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chicken Ghee Roast

When thinking of Mangalore non vegetarian cuisine, the first thing that comes to my mind is "Chicken Ghee Roast".
This starter is one of the most famous Chicken Starter in the Mangalore region.
Its one of the most tastiest starter, easy to make, but yes completely cooked in ghee so I make it maybe once a month only.
However this is another indulgence one should give into while visiting Mangalore and surrounding places.
There are lot of restaurants both big and small which serve this delicacy.
This dish is so popular now that it is served in most speciality restaurants not just in Mangalore but also in other cities.
Its a very easy to make starter, so trying making it at home, am sure you will love it.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Rice Kesari Bhath (Sweet Saffron Rice)

This is my grandmom's and mom's favorite dessert. They make it on most occasions at home.  But today I have made it to celebrate my Bhayya's and Bhabhi's wedding anniversary and my Bhabhi's birthday.
This is a very easy and quick dessert especially when you have guests at home.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Honey Spice drink

Here is a drink made of Honey, Cinnamon and Cloves which is just right for the change in season from summer to monsoon. 
The weather here in Bangalore has suddenly got cooler, a relief from the long summer we had this time. But along with this beautiful cool weather comes the common health problems like cold and cough. 
Here is a drink made of lukewarm honey water mixed with cinnamon powder and cloves to help boost your immune system during the cold season. It may also help to clear your sinuses.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mushroom Pops

Another healthy starter to a meal, that you cant stop popping in your mouth so have named this starter "Mushroom Pops".
After thinking for a few days as to how to stuff mushrooms and with what, I created this starter.
And everyone at home loved it.
Very tasty and yet so fresh and simple.
We all know the benefits of Mushrooms.
Mushrooms are high in lean proteins as they have zero cholesterol, fats and very low carbohydrates. The fiber and certain enzymes in them also help lower cholesterol level. Moreover, the high lean protein content in mushrooms helps burn cholesterol when they are digested.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tender Coconut Souffle

Here is a dessert which is very easy to make, tastes amazing and needs very less ingredients.
I have been eating this in a restaurant in Bangalore for last few months, and loved it since then, but last week I thought of trying to make it at home.
Having tasted this several times I could guess the ingredients but it did take a couple of trials to get the right consistency so that I could put down the exact quantity of ingredients here. Try making this at home, am sure you will  love it too.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Lamb/Mutton Stew - Mangalore Style

I have had lot of different types of stew from different regions, like "Kerala style stew", "Ethiopian lamb stew", "Irish Stew" etc.
In Indian cuisine, I think the Kerala vegetable or lamb stew is the most famous.
Frankly I am not a big fan of stew, as I personally love spicy food, but I got a request from a friend who wanted to know how to cook the Mangalore style Lamb Stew.
So after going through my grandmom's old recipe books, I managed to make this one. 
My daughter just had this with dosa, after returning from school now, and she absolutely loved it.
And I must confess, this stew really does taste good.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kokum Kadi or Sol Kadi

Kokum is one of the lesser known spices of India. Kokum is a fruit which is widely used in Western Indian cuisines mainly Mahrashtrian and Goan cuisine.
The scientific name of Kokum is "Garcinia indica".

The outer cover of Kokum fruit is dried in the sun to get aamsul or kokam. It is used as a slightly sour spice in recipes from Goa and Maharashtra.
"Kokum kadi" is served as a welcome drink in most functions in summer in the coastal regions. This drink is very refreshing and cools the body during summer.

Just like tamarind, kokum is mainly used as a souring agent. Kokum has a fruity and tangy flavor. Kokum fruit is used in treatment of skin rashes caused by allergies. It is also helps in curing acidity. 
Kokum Kadi is also used as an accompaniment with rice.

There are 2 variations to the Kokum Kadi, however the core ingredients Kokum and Coconut milk remain the same.
Variation 1 - use 1 clove Garlic for a garlicy flavor.
Variation 2 - use 1 tsp Cumin seeds for a warm nutty flavor. The choice is yours. 

If you cannot find dried kokum fruit, you can use "Kokum unsweetened syrup or pulp" which is easily available in most Super Markets or so called " Mangalore stores" in India and in "Indian/Asian shops" abroad.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dal Makhani or Maa Ki Dal (Creamy Black Lentils)

Dal Makhani is a very popular side dish in North India. The best Dal Makhani I have tasted in in Delhi. This is one dal that goes well with both rotis as well as rice. Its very easy to make this, but yes it takes long time on the gas stove, of course with minimum intervention from the cook, but it does take time to get the perfect taste. Hence best made on weekends.
Try making this at home its very simple and tasty.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jenji Ghasi (Crab Curry Mangalore Style)

Crab popularly known as "Jenji" in Mangalore and surrounding areas is cooked in different styles in the coastal belt.
The crab curries I have already posted are "Chilly based crab curry - Mangalore style" which is the Konkani way of cooking spicy crab.
I have also posted "Kurle Ambat" which is another Konkani crab curry made from coconut and seasoned with onions and very mildly spiced.
Here is the Bunt style crab curry known as "Jenji Ghasi", the base is coconut but the masala or spices used are quite different and am sure you will love this as well.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Potato Chilly Fry

There are days when you just want to relax and not spend time in the kitchen. But yet we all want something nice and tasty. Here is a simple side dish made from potatoes, which  is quick and easy to make and goes well with Rice and Rasam/Dal.
Potatoes as a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber.
Potatoes also contain a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant activity.

Research has proved that although potatoes are high in carbohydrates, its better to eat complex carbohydrates like potatoes than eat simple carbs like sugar and biscuits.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Prawn Garlic on Toast

A simple and tasty evening snack. A perfect starter for cocktail parties. Try making this, am sure you will love it.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Appo and Chutney (A Konkani Breakfast delicacy)

Appe or Appo or Appa is a rice dumpling made using the "Appe Mould Pan" or Appe are small round savoury steamed cakes usually made with a batter. An Appe mould or tava is easily available in all good brands in India. In most branded cookware it is known as "Die-Cast Paniyarakkal". The Indian one has just 6-7 holes, but the pans available outside India have more holes and it is called Aebleskiver pan. This Aebleskiver pan is used for making traditional pancakes in most countries. 
This pan is a must for making these delightful little balls of goodness.
I have used simple idli like batter, but there are different varieties of Appe like those which are sweet and also some which are savoury.
This is the simplest and easiest of them all.
In Mangalore this is served with coconut chutney but since my daughter likes it with Rasam too, I have served with Appo with both chutney and rasam.

The Indian Appe/Appo/Paniyarakkal pan: 

The International Aebleskiver pan:


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Butter Garlic Prawns

Prawns Butter Garlic, a quick and easy recipe, and a dish which is served in all food joints in Goa, starting from the small shacks on the beach to the biggest and the best of restaurants.
My daughter loves this, and so do all of us.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Chicken Cafreal (Fried Chicken in green masala - Goan Style)

Cafreal is a spicy chicken preparation consumed widely state of Goa. The preparation originated from the Portuguese colonies in the African continent. It was introduced into the Goan cuisine by the Portuguese.
I have had this dish in 2 ways, one is fully frying the marinated chicken without leaving any masala behind. This Cafreal chicken is dry and can be served with salads.
The other version is to slow cook the marinated chicken along with the extra green masala. This goes well with any kind of bread.
Either ways its again one of my favorite Goan dishes.

Kiddies Meal Combo 7 - Neer Dosa and Veg Cutlets

Tips for lunch box:
1. Make the Neer Dosa batter the previous day and keep in fridge.
2. Make the vegetable mash the previous night and keep in fridge.
3. Make Onion Chutney and Mint Chutney too the previous day.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Prawn Balchao (A Traditional Goan Dish)

Prawn Balchao is a traditional spicy dish of Goa. Its nothing but prawns in Spicy n Tangy Onion Tomato based gravy.
This is one of my favorite dish from Goan cuisine.

Prawns have numerous benefits 
  • Prawns are great supplier of proteins and low in fat and calories which make them a healthy food. 
  • They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for the heart. It prevents the heart from diseases and also circulatory problems. 
  • Prawns health benefits is also due to its rich content of selenium which prevents the growth of cancer cells therefore protecting the body from cancer. 
  • The fatty acids in prawns reduces and prevents the body against Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
However too much consumption of prawns is also not good as they are a bit high in cholesterol.
Last month we had been to Goa for some days, and managed to eat in the best food joints across Goa, and also got details of some authentic Goan dishes.
The first of them is "Prawn Balchao"

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nilgiris Fish fry (Badaga cuisine)

The Badagas are an indigenous people inhabiting the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, southern India. During my recent trip to the Nilgiris, I ate some local dishes of the badaga people. One of them is the Nilgiris Fish Fry, which is normally made using fish Sea Bass or any fish which you can get nice fillets, like big black pomfrets, or Salmon.
I have used fillets of Black pomfret in this recipe.
In this preparation there are 2 pastes, one for marination and the other for frying.  
Thanks to Chef Joseph of Taj Savoy Ooty and his team, who gave me some details of this recipe, with which I was able to recreate it.
Do try making this at home, its very easy to make and am sure you will like it.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Mango Cherry Yoghurt Smoothie

Here is a Smoothie that contains both mangoes and cherries which is both refreshing and healthy.
Mangoes are packed with vitamins minerals and anti-oxidants and like all fruits contain very few fats and calories.
Miniature wonder, cherry fruit is packed with health-benefiting nutrients and unique antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and inflammatory problems such as arthritis.

The smoothie taste is a perfect combination of the sweetness of the mangoes, and the slight sourness of the cherries. Very easy to make and yet so healthy. This drink is my own creation.

Khumb Palak - Mushrooms in Spinach Gravy (North Indian style)

"Khumb Palak" is nothing but Mushrooms in mildly spiced Spinach gravy. 
The health benefits of mushroom include relief from high cholesterol levels, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, and diabetes. It also helps in weight loss, increasing immunity.
Mushrooms provide you with lean proteins as they have zero cholesterol, fats and very low carbohydrates. The fiber and certain enzymes in them also help lower cholesterol level. Moreover, the high lean protein content in mushrooms helps burn cholesterol when they are digested.
Health benefits of spinach include good eyesight, blood pressure, strengthens muscles, prevention of age-related macula degeneration (AMD), cataract, atherosclerosis and heart attack, neurological benefits, bone mineralization, anti-ulcerative, anti-cancerous property, skin protection, foetus development, protein rich for infant’s proper growth etc. 
This dish is a good combination of Mushroom and Spinach and should be made atleast once a week to get maximum health benefits.

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