Saturday 28 February 2015

Dish #405 - Cajun Prawns

During my recent trip to California USA, I had been to these chain of restaurants "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co" and whoa... what an amazing menu they have....almost everything there was Shrimp/Prawns/Lobster... I was totally amazed...had couple of meals in these restaurants and totally loved the food...
And every time I ate there I missed my daughter so much, as she loves prawns, and I decided that I am going to make some "Bubba Gump" inspired dishes when I get back to Bangalore.
One of the dishes I had there was this bucket full of prawns cooked in Cajun Spice.
This was the first time I tasted the Cajun Spice and loved it...
Now after getting back to Bangalore I even managed to find the "Cajun Spice" in one of the Online Grocery stores and today I made these yummy prawns in Cajun Spicy sauce.

Its just lip smacking delicious....and very easy to make...
You can serve these with home made Garlic bread or Corn on the Cob to make a complete meal....

Sunday 22 February 2015

Dish #404 - "Dhabewali Chicken Curry" @ Home - Simple North Indian Highway Style

"Dhaba's" are the roadside shacks/hotels/restaurants on North Indian highways which serve freshly made local cuisine.
The dhaba's on the road from Delhi to Jaipur/Chandigarh, Patna to Darjeeling, Ranchi to Nepal, Delhi to Varanasi/Haridwar/Dehradun/Shimla have some amazing dhaba's where the food is lip smacking good and also hygienic.

In Southern Indian we rarely find "dhaba's" and the few are replaced by McD and Cafe Coffee day.

Anyway for those who have done lot of road trips in North India, would have surely eaten this chicken curry with fresh "Phulkas". You will find this curry at almost all of the dhabas that line the highways in northern India.
Easy to make, no fuss recipe which also goes perfectly with steaming Basmati rice.
Got a few tips on this recipe from a chef friend, but did a few attempts with my own trials and errors to perfect it...
Here goes....

Tuesday 17 February 2015

3 years of Blogging recipes.... ........ ......... ........ ......... ...... #403 - Special treat "Choco Shahi Tukda"

Its exactly 3 years since I started sharing my recipes with you....
Its been a wonderful journey so far...have enjoyed every bit... I know I have not been very active last 2-3 months owing to the constant travelling I have been doing since October...
But yes over the last 3 months have been to some of the places which are best known for their food...
Learnt some "Thai dishes" in Krabi Island in Thailand....And then a trip to our very own Chennai famous for the yummy Chettinad cuisine.
A small trip to interior Kerala where I had some really delicious kerala tribal food and some lip smacking new Mangalorean dishes...
And then couple of weeks in Los Angeles, Southern California mostly dominated by Mexican food.
So last 3 months have been just eating rather than cooking.
Now have a list of dishes (recipes) which I picked up during all this travel, and will blog them shortly.

But for today to celebrate 3 years of my blog, I made a sweet dish...a slight twist to the famous dessert invented by Chef "Sanjeev Kapoor"

Easy and Super quick to make.


Milk - 1 ltr or Condensed Milk - 250 gms
Sugar - 4 tbsp
White Cardamom/Elaichi - 4 - peeled and finely crushed/ground 
Plain white bread/Toasted Bread - 4 slices
Roasted nuts ( Almonds/Pistachios) - 1 handful
Ghee or butter - 1 tbsp (to fry plain bread - incase you dont have toasted bread)
Plain milk Chocolate - 200 gm bar

If you are using Condensed milk just keep it in refrigerator for 30 mins to cool.
If you are using normal milk, then bring it to boil, add the sugar stir continuously and keep boiling the milk till it reduces to 1/3 or 1/4 the quantity.
Then add the ground cardamom, allow to cool normally and then keep in fridge for 30 mins.

Meanwhile, if you do not have toasted bread then toast the plain white bread either in the oven or on a tawa/griddle using some ghee so as to make it golden brown.

Cut the bread before toasting into the shape you desire, I have cut the bread in triangles and then toasted on a tawa using ghee.

Now take a microwaveable flat dish, arrange the toasted bread slices as desired, keep some cubes of chocolate on the center of each of the bread pieces, and microwave for 30 secs to 1 minute till the chocolate begins to melt.
Then remove the dish from the microwave and slightly spread the melted chocolate on the slices as desired.
Now pour the condensed milk over the bread slices, leaving aside the chocolate part.
Garnish with roasted dry fruits before serving.

Sunday 15 February 2015

My dish No. 402 - "Kulith kele Koddel" or Horse gram raw & raw banana in garlic seasoned coconut gravy - A Konkani curry

Here's yet another konkani delicacy that I make quite often, but somehow not had the time to blog it...
A very simple curry but very aromatic and delicious...perfectly goes with steaming white rice...

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