Kiddies Lunch Box Meal Combos

The most Challenging job of a Mother, is providing her child with the kind of food that helps in total developement of the body.
The food should be nutritious, tasty and appealing.
Through this blog, I am trying to share the various Meal Options that I pack in my kid's lunch box.

I have to pack 3 boxes for my child
Box 1 : Short break eaten around 10 am
Box 2 : Long Break eaten around 1 pm
Box 3 : Bus box or after school box eaten while waiting for the return bus or while on the bus.

In this page, I have listed the Box 1 and Box 2 lunch Options.
Box 3 could be anything of the shelf, which the child prefers, like my daughter prefers cut carrots, cucumber an apple since her school is max 10 mins drive home. So that bit I leave to you to decide.
However if you still need help please contact me, I would be glad to help.

Please note : Below are given only the names of the dishes.
Click on the Menu names to go to the recipes on the Main page.

Meal Combo 11 :
Box 1 : Poori + Chole/Baaji
Box 2 : Pulao + salad

Meal Combo 12 :
Box 1 : Idli + ketchup/chutney
Box 2 : Gobi Parata

Meal Combo 13 :
Box 1 : Veg Sandwich
Box 2 : Paneer roll

Meal Combo 14 :
Box 1 : Chapatis + Aloo Jeera
Box 2 : Fried rice

Meal Combo 15 :
Box 1 : Egg roll
Box 2 : Methi rice

Meal Combo 16 :
Box 1 : Egg sandwich
Box 2 : Mooli Parata

Meal Combo 17 :
Box 1 : French Toast
Box 2 : Fried rice and salad

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