Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stir Fry Amaranths/Chinese Spinach or "Bhajji Upkari" in Konkani

Amaranths also known as "Chinese Spinach" are green, leafy vegetables and/or grain crops. The leaves of vegetable amaranths and the seeds of grain amaranths are high in protein. Amaranth varies greatly in color of the foliage, the shape of the leaves and the height of the plant. Most varieties are edible.
In Konkani they are known as "Bhajji" and in Kannada as "Dhantin soppu".
The quick and easy to make healthy stir fry which goes well with Rice and Sambhar or Dal.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Thai Prawn Rolls

"Thai Prawn Rolls" a quick, easy and healthy roll which I often make on weekends.
The roll is full of flavor and freshness.
Try making it and am sure you will love it just the way we do...

Thursday, 17 January 2013

"Poori Bhaji" - Deep fried Puffed Indian Bread with Seasoned Potatoes n Onions - An Indulgent Indian Breakfast/Snack

"Poori Baaji" is a very popular Breakfast/Snack in most parts of India.
"Poori" or "Puri" is a Deep fried Puffed Indian Bread and "Baaji" is a dry curry with Seasoned Potatoes n Onions. I call it an "An Indulgent Indian Breakfast/Snack".
The recipe of the "Bhaji" differs from state to state, this is the South Indian style of Bhaji.
We all love it, but because of its deep fried I rarely make this....
But today my lil one had a major urge to eat "Poori Bhaji" so I made this just for her...
I would say my Mom makes the best "Poori bhaji" in the world, but I think you would say the same thing abt your Mom too!! Such is this dish...!!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Celebrating My 300th Post on "Makara Sankranthi Festival" with "Gova kane ani chane dali Go'd khichidi" or Broken Wheat and Split chickpeas dessert

"Gova kane ani chane dali Go'd khichidi" or Broken Wheat and Split chickpeas dessert is normally made during festivals during "Sankranthi" festival.
Its easy to make.... 
Like most Konkani/South Indian desserts, this khichidi is best served with ghee...
My Mom is an expert at making this, and recently I learnt from her.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Strawberry Yogurt Oat Cookie delight

A healthy, simple and quick to make dessert that am sure you will love...!!

"Mac n Cheese" or Cheesy Macaroni

Macaroni with cheese is our favorite comfort food.
Its inexpensive, tasty and very cheesy.
Its also very quick and easy to make and a meal in itself.

Shahi Mutton Korma or Royal Lamb

"Shahi Korma" is a Royal Lamb curry in true North Indian Mughalai Style.
This side-dish is loved by all at home and goes perfectly well with Rotis or any Indian bread.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

"Aloo Tikki" or Potato patties - A Popular Indian Snack/Street Food

"Aloo tikki" is a North Indian snack made of boiled potatoes and various spices.
"Aloo" means potato, and the word "tikki" means a small cutlet or patty.
It is found in almost every chaat shop or stall in Delhi as well as in other parts of India.
It is served hot along with coriander-mint chutney (sauce), known as Hari chutney, and sometimes yoghurt or chick peas curry.
We love Aloo Tikki in any form, with chutney, with chole or chickpeas curry or Ragda.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Panzanella - An Italian Salad

"Panzanella" or "Panmolle" is an Italian (Florentine) salad of bread and tomatoes. It includes chunks of soaked old bread and tomatoes dressed with olive oil and vinegar and some basil. Sometimes cucumbers  and onions are also added.
Whenever I have traveled to Europe, I've always had "Panzanella" since its not just healthy but also filling due to the bread in it...
Of course nowadays this salad is available in all Italian restaurants in India.
And its easy to make at home too....
This is a meal in itself..... especially when you are alone and do not want to put much effort into cooking an entire meal.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

"Baingan Bhartha" or Char grilled Eggplant Mash Saute'd in Indian Spices

"Baingan Bhartha" is a side-dish made from Char grilled Eggplant. Its one of our favorite side-dish for Roti or any other Indian bread.
This dish is not just easy to make and lip smackingly delicious... it also is packed with nutrients.
Eggplant is loaded with vitamins and minerals, but its health benefits extend beyond just adding vital nutrients to a meal. Eggplant contains other compounds that promote good health as well, even to the point of helping to prevent cancer and lowering cholesterol. Once you realize how beneficial eggplant is to your health, you may want to give more consideration to it becoming a regular part of your diet.

Chilly Cheese Toast - Anytime Snack

"Chilly Cheese Toast" is one of my favorite any-time snack and also a very comforting snack...!!
The best Chilly Cheese Toast I've had was at "Lake View" on MG Road in Bangalore... but that was in the late 90s. A trip to MG Road with friends was incomplete without a visit to "India Coffee House" for the "Mutton cutlets" and "Lake view" restaurant for "Chilly Cheese Toast".
The memories of the lovely moments spent with my friends there is just unforgettable...!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

"Stir Fry Chinese Potatoes" or "Kooka Upkari" - A Konkani delicacy.

"Kook" as the konkani's call it , is also known as Chinese Potatoes in English or "Sambrani gadde" in Kannada.
It is a smaller version of potato that grows mostly in Northern Kerala and parts of Coastal Karnataka in India. Karkala is famous for "Kook" and we get the best "Kook" from Karkala in the Autumn months till late February. It takes some time for a novice to get used to the muddy smell of "Kook"!
These potatoes are widely grown all over China and mostly used in Chinese salads.
This "Kook" is loved by the konkani community, and this dish is one of the most famous of the "Kook" dishes. "Kook" is also used in many coconut based gravy dishes along with different kinds of beans/lentils.
I would say my Mom's makes the best "Kooka upkari" in the world, but then I think every Konkani would say the same thing about their Mom.
Nevertheless, this recipe will help you make the perfect "Kooka" upkari!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Baby corn in Spinach Gravy

Baby corn is low in fat and is a good source of folate, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber. This vegetable is also a source of complex carbohydrates and protein.
Low in calories and high in vitamins, spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence. One cup of the leafy green vegetable contains far more than your daily requirements of vitamin K and vitamin A, almost all the manganese and folate your body needs and nearly 40 percent of your magnesium requirement. It is an excellent source of more than 20 different measurable nutrients, including dietary fiber, calcium and protein. 
And yet, 1 cup has only 40 calories! Spinach is an excellent choice for nutrition without high calories.
Here is an easy to make, and healthy side-dish which is packed with nutrients.
This side-dish goes well with rotis or an Indian bread.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Malabar Fish Curry

Any holiday of mine is complete, only when I have learnt some new dish from that place or resort/restaurant.
Half of my vacations are normally culinary journeys...I just love good food....
Malabar Fish curry is another of my favorite fish curries apart from the Mangalorean and Goan fish curries.
The best curry I have tasted was at one of the restaurants @ the Taj Exotica,Goa.
The curry was indeed delicious!!
And I was lucky to have got the opportunity to learn this curry in their very own kitchen.
I made this again today at home and it turned out really yum..!

Chana Salad or Chickpeas Salad

Whether you call it a chickpea or a garbanzo bean, there's no question that chickpeas are a healthy addition to any diet. Chickpeas are naturally low in fat, high in dietary fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. Eating chickpeas regularly can help you manage your weight, boost intestinal health and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Tinned chickpeas are fine, but fresh boiled ones are slightly higher in vitamins and minerals. Both are equally good sources of fibre, including soluble fibre which can help to lower cholesterol.
Chickpeas Salad is one salad which we all love.
Easy and quick to make and yet so delicious.
I make this salad quite often and eat it just before dinner, as this salad keeps you feeling full so you will eat lesser quantities of the actual dinner and thus lose some weight.
I also make this salad as part of an elaborate meal when I invite friends/family and its always liked by all.
Hence I am sharing this with you all!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sweet Cucumber Idlis or "Taushe Idli" in Konkani

Sweet Cucumber Idlis also known as "Taushe Idli" in Konkani, is one of the favorite Sunday breakfast for many Konkani people.
"Taushe" means cucumber in Konkani.
This dish is easy to make and healthy too...
You will love it especially if you have a sweet tooth.
Its also made as an evening snack...!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Mushroom Masala fry

Almost all of us are familiar with mushrooms and their miraculous and magical powers. Particularly those who have read or heard a lot of fairy-tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Three Bears and a Baby etc.
You have seen mushrooms making somebody big or playing shields against the dreaded monsters. Actually, these are just symbolic representations of the actual health benefits of mushrooms. 
Believe me! They can really make you big and protect you against diseases and infections, as they are full of proteins, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, anti biotic and anti oxidants.
Mushrooms themselves provide you with lean proteins as they have zero cholesterol, fats and very low carbohydrates. The fiber and certain enzymes in them also help lower cholesterol level. Moreover, the high lean protein content in mushrooms helps burn cholesterol when they are digested.
Mushrooms can be an ideal low energy diet for diabetics. They have no fats, no cholesterol, very low carbohydrates, high proteins, vitamins and minerals, a lot of water and fiber.
Mushroom Masala Fry is a simple, quick and easy to make dish. I make this quite often as mushrooms are very healthy.
For those who like dry dishes with rotis or phulkas, this dish is very good. 
I often pack this for my daughter's lunch box.

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