Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tender Coconut Souffle

Here is a dessert which is very easy to make, tastes amazing and needs very less ingredients.
I have been eating this in a restaurant in Bangalore for last few months, and loved it since then, but last week I thought of trying to make it at home.
Having tasted this several times I could guess the ingredients but it did take a couple of trials to get the right consistency so that I could put down the exact quantity of ingredients here. Try making this at home, am sure you will  love it too.

Sweetened Condensed milk - 400 ml
(If you have unsweetened condensed milk add required quantity of sugar around 2 tbsp)
Gelatin - 3 tbsp
Tender Coconut water - 5 cups

Take half a cup of warm water and dissolve the gelatin making sure no lumps are formed.
Now take a large bowl, add the condensed milk and dissolve the gelatin mixture into into slowly without forming lumps.
Now pour the coconut water into this bowl and mix well.
Pour into desired serving glasses/bowls and refrigerate for  3-4 hours or until set.
Garnish with fruit of your choice and serve chilled.

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