Monday, 19 March 2012

Pomfret Fish Fry

"Pomfret", is my daughter's favourite fish and also is the easiest to eat.
They are found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, and hence easily available everywhere.
This is a quick recipe for fried pomfrets and goes well with Porridge or Red Rice Kanji. It is a very popular side dish with the fish eating people in the coastal belt of Karnataka, Goa and Mumbai.

Pomfrets - 2 medium sized - sliced
Red Chilli powder - 1 tbsp
Hing/Asofoetida - 1 tsp
Tamarind Pulp or Lemon juice - 2 tbsp
Rice flour - 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tbsp
Onion and Lemon pieces for Garnishing

Wash the pomfret slices and keep aside.
Take a small bowl, add tamarind juice, hing, red chilli powder and salt and make a thick paste.
Apply the paste evenly on the pomfret slices on all sides and let it sit in the refrigerator for 1 hr.
Take a deep fry pan, add 2 tbsp oil, and allow to get piping hot ( dont allow to smoke).
Meanwhile, roll the fish pieces in rice flour and fry one by one till golden brown.
Garnish with onion slices and lemon.
Serve hot with Porridge or Red rice Kanji.
Can also be eaten with Rice and Dal.

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