Monday, 27 August 2012

"Batato ani Piyave Upkari" or Potato n Onion Stir fried curry

"Batato ani Piyave Upkari" is a very traditional and age old Konkani side-dish, which can be categorized as comfort food.
Its very easy, quick to make, and also healthy since it has the goodness of both onions and potatoes.
It is believes that the best benefits of onions as well as potatoes can be obtained by eating them raw or boiled. So this is one dish where both are boiled so we can get maximum health benefits.
In the Konkani community, this dish is best made by mothers and if you eat this dish it will remind you of your mom no matter how far or near you are to her.
This dish goes best with rice and dal, or just plain red rice or boiled rice Konji or Porridge.

Serves 4
Potatoes - 2 - large
Onions - 2 - medium
Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Dry red chilly - 2-4 (depending on your palate)
Salt to taste

Cut the onions into half and slice them lengthwise

Peel the potatoes, cut into halves and slice them lengthwise. Wash and keep in water till ready for use.
Drain just before use.
Now take a heavy bottomed pan, keep on low heat, add oil, mustard seeds and dry red chillies cut into bits. Allow to crackle, then add the sliced onions and fry for about 5 minutes till onions turn a little translucent.

Then add the potatoes, and salt and enough water to cover the potatoes and onions and mix well.

Cover and cook until potatoes are well done and 3/4th of the water has evaporated.

Some people make it full dry, but my family loves it with the little bit of the liquid remaining as its very tasty.!
Serve hot with rice and dal or red rice konji and ghee. 
A perfectly simple yet a very satisfying meal.

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