Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Home made Vanilla Cake served with Strawberry sauce - Poo's creation

Today being Christmas I made Vanilla cake with one of my friend's recipe.. am no expert at making cakes, but because of my friend Sonal Alvares, who is expert at baking and runs a cake business in London, I am able to successfully bake a cake...!

So today's dessert is my daughter's attempt to create something different out of the Vanilla cake I made. She loves strawberries.... so this one is from her...!!

I will publish the Vanilla cake recipe soon, with detailed steps, but this dessert is quite simple.

Crush some fresh strawberries with some castor sugar, and pour it on the vanilla cake pieces just before serving. Top them with more strawberries if you wish..!!
Lightly dust some icing sugar on top...!!

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