Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Orange Strawberry Crush

Delicious and juicy orange fruit contains an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals for normal growth and development and overall well-being. The fruit is low in calories, contains no saturated fats or cholesterol, but is rich in dietary fiber, pectin, which is very effective in persons with excess body weight.
One cup of strawberries contains only 43 calories. The dietary fiber in strawberries helps to keep digestion regular, as well as lowers blood pressure and curbs overeating. 

Both fruits are high in Vitamin C, an effective antioxidant that can help lower blood pressure, ensure a healthy immune system
I have used both Oranges and Strawberries in this recipe, so its very healthy.
A perfect drink for summer, its very simple to make, and semi frozen so kids will love eating this even if they dont like eating fruits.
A healthy and colorful drink which will make your kids come back for more.

Serves 2
Orange - 4
Strawberries - 8 ( 4 for puree , 4 for garnish)
Sugar or Honey - 1 tbsp
Remove the peel of the orange, and extract the juice.
Add half the quantity of sugar or honey and mix well.
Freeze in the freezer  for about 30 mins max.
The juice should set half but not harden fully.
Now take 4 strawberries and puree them into fine paste.
Add the remaining sugar or honey and mix well.
Now freeze this puree too for 30 mins max taking take that it does not freeze fully.
Now take the serving glasses, remove the semi frozen orange  and strawberry juices from the freezer. Mix each juice separately with a spoon to make evenly frozen granular juice.
Put 1 tbsp of orange freeze per glass, then add 1 tbsp strawberry freeze and alternate this arrangement until glass is 3/4th full.
Then top with chopped strawberries.
Serve immediately.

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