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Peanut Masala or Spicy Peanut Salad

Delicious, crunchy, and nutty peanuts are one of the popular oil seeds known to humankind since ancient times. The nuts are enriched with many noteworthy health-benefiting nutrients that are essential for optimum health. They are actually legumes but have almost all the qualities that true nuts like almonds have. Peanuts have numerous health benefits, they Aid in Blood Sugar Regulation (Manganese), Helps Prevent Gallstones, Helps Fight Depression (Tryptophan), Boosts Memory Power (Vitamin B3), Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels (Copper), Lowers Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer Protection, Lowers Risk of Weight Gain.
Eating nuts regularly is associated with a lowered risk of weight gain. Research has shown that people who eat nuts at least twice weekly are much less likely to gain weight than those who almost never eat them.
"Peanut Masala" is another lovely easy to make starter and served in all Indian restaurants all over the world.
Easy to make, healthy and quick....
Peanut masala is lovely snack that can be eaten any time of the day.
You can make peanut masala either with plain roasted peanuts or with a special type of peanuts called "Congress kadalekai/peanuts" that is very famous in Bangalore, Mysore and most parts of Karnataka.
These peanuts are spiced peanuts that are made and stored and can be used in various short eats.
I use the spiced peanuts to make masala peanuts, it barely takes 10 minutes to make these and am sure you will love it.

To make the spicy peanuts:
Peanuts- 1 cup
Red chili powder- 1/2 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Mustard seeds (very fine variety) - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves- 1 sprig - dry roasted till crispy, and crushed
Black pepper powder- 1/4 teaspoon
Asafoetida- 1 pinch
Salt- to taste
Oil- 1 Tablespoon
For the masala:
Tomato - 1 - finely chopped
Green chilly - 1 or 2 - finely chopped
Onion - 1 finely chopped
Coriander leaves - 1 handful - finely chopped
Lemon - 1/2 - juice only

Making the spicy peanuts:
Take a large heavy bottomed pan, add the peanuts and dry roast for a few minutes. After they cool, the skin easily comes off by rubbing them between the palms, in the process, they can also be split in half. The skins have to be separated from the peanuts.
Dicard the skin.
Now clean the used pan with a dry cloth, keep on low heat, add 1 tbsp of oil, add the mustard seeds and allow to crackle, then add the red chilly powder, asafoetida, turmeric powder, black pepper powder and mix well. Now add the peanuts and crushed curry leaves and mix well.
Switch off heat and allow the mixture to cool, so that the peanuts become crunchy.
These can be stored in an air tight container once cooled and can be used to make peanut masala.
Making the peanut masala:
Take a large bowl, add the chopped tomatoes, green chillies, onion, coriander leaves and lemon juice and mix well. Now add the prepared peanuts and mix well.

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